Club history

Wesburn Youth Soccer Club has ties to our neighborhood that extend back more than a half-century.

In 1949 the Wesburn Community Association was formed by a group of local citizens who wanted to establish a neighborhood park in our community. Once the park was established, the Association began to sponsor children’s softball, soccer and square dancing events, as well as adult soccer games. Over the years the soccer and square dancing sides of the Association grew until it became necessary to administer it both as separate organizations.

Today, there have been four generations of Burnaby residents that have benefited from Wesburn’s soccer programs. Parents of current soccer players and club volunteers and coaches who were once Wesburn players in their youth now cheer and encourage the next generation of youth to give it their best both on the field as well as in our community, homes and schools.

Wesburn Youth Soccer Association is a registered non-profit society governed by the Societies act of B.C.

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