the balanced team approach (u5-u10)

At the younger age groups the club is principally committed to fielding balanced teams with the most talented players distributed evenly between the teams fielded in each age group. The rationale for this is as follows:

  1. It is important to include as many players as possible at the younger ages as it is impossible to predict which players will develop into committed soccer players in the future.
  2. The House League structure does not support tiered teams until they reach the U11 level. As all the remaining teams play in one unified league. The club teams play against each other in the same league and thus a B team would regularly face the A team with demoralizing consequences.
  3. Success on the pitch is a great builder of confidence. Fielding balanced teams allows the majority of the players to have the chance to win a majority of their games. The teams may not win their league at the younger age groups but more players will have the chance to experience a winning season where their wins outweigh their losses.
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