The Divisional Program

Program Objectives:

Wesburn Youth Soccer Club is committed to providing opportunities for all players to compete and develop their skills to their maximum potential at various competitive levels. The Divisional program is comprised into 3 intensity levels (Gold, Silver & Bronze).The Gold level provides the most intensive learning environment for players with the commitment, drive and passion to pursue the sport at the highest level. The Silver Level encompasses the same ideals of the Gold program for those athletes who wish to perform at a slightly lesser intensity level but with a Cup results oriented philosophy. Rounding out our Divisional is the Bronze Level, this level is for those athletes who are looking to enjoy the game at a more relaxed pace while still developing their skills and love of the the game.
Committing to the Divisional program will give your child the 3 distinct levels to choose from in which to develop appropriately at their desired level into an elite soccer player and will foster a love of the game that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

The club's efforts are concentrated on player development in the early years in order to provide the platform to launch competitive teams at the highest possible level of soccer the child wishes to excel to. The design of the program is in line with the Canadian Soccer Association's directives outlined in their document Wellness to the World Cup.

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